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This course constitutes an online test of Samskrit language proficiency at Basic usage level. To preview the kinds of questions encountered, please see our free "Samskrit Proficiency Test - Preview".

This is a preview of the question types to expect in a full Samskrit Proficiency Test at different levels of complexity.

This course constitutes 2 tests on Samskrit language proficiency at Basic and Intermediate levels. Passing both of them is mandatory for entrance into Masters' programs in Sanskrit by MIT School of Vedic Sciences, Pune INDIA. The Intermediate level is accessible only when candidate scores at least 60% marks in the Basic level.

This proficiency test is primarily designed to assess your ability to transcribe a given document written in Shaarada Lipi to Devanagari Lipi. The test requires a writing knowledge of Samskrit letters used in Devanagari Lipi. A grade of 70% is required for you to be considered for the Shaarada Lipi to Devanagari Lipi transcription projects. 

This class will teach you the basics of: 1. How the internet works. 2. Use of spreadsheets in accounting and data handling. The class is taught in the Telugu language and is designed for students in class 7 and 8.
Math class 7